Filters for Cameras

Spectrum filters

Without filter

Due to the light absorption of the water column many colors are missing and the camera can no more recover all color after white balance.

With Spectrum Filter

The filter compensates the light absorption of the water column and the camera can restore all colors after white balance.

Keldan Spectrum Filter

KELDAN Spectrum Filters are scientifically engineered red filters based on spectral measurements of the lighting conditions underwater. KELDAN Spectrum Filters convert the ambient light into a daylight spectrum in order to restore correct colors and to optimize white balancing.

The filter characteristics are carefully adjusted not only to balance the RGB color channels but also to correct for a very smooth spectrum with excellent color rendering capabilities.

  • Improves color rendering with manual white balance

  • 2 stops loss filter can be used for any water color

  • 4 stops loss filter available for blue water and green water

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