Filter-free Ambient Color Matching

The revolutionary Keldan 8XR Ambient 18,000lm compact video light takes our unique ambient filter system that allows for seamless balancing of artificial and ambient light to the next level by removing the need for the filter. The 8XR Ambient’s LEDs emit light at the spectrum equivalent to the ambient light at a depth of 6m (~20’) at a luminous flux (lumen value) almost two times higher than a standard 8XR 20,000lm fitted with an external AF6B filter.

Wireless Control Ready

The 8XR Ambient is compatible with the powerful wireless RC1 Remote Control. The RC1 can connect to an unlimited number of lights in two groupings and allows for precise power control at distances up to 50m (~160’). Whether using the lights mounted on or off camera, the remote allows for faster and more precise control which leads to longer effective runtimes.

Expansive Beam Coverage

With a soft and even 110º in-water beam angle and natural looking fall-off the 8XR Ambient’s light will blend seamlessly with the existing natural light without harsh edges or uneven areas of coverage.

Compact Intelligent Design

The 8XR Ambient is designed with the traveling videographer in mind with a minimal footprint that adds only 0.87kg (~1.9 lbs) to your kit. In-water each light is a manageable 0.3kg (~0.66 lbs) negative which can easily be offset with buoyancy arms.

Field Tested Tough

Keldan lights are the choice of professionals everywhere for their reliability and extreme durability. The LED is virtually unbreakable and an almost unlimited lifespan. Thanks to a built in thermal protection circuit, the light can even be used in air without risk of damage from overheating with the light automatically adjusting output to keep the temperature in the safe range.

Travel Ready Li-Ion Battery System

Designed for travel and use in the most demanding filming locations the proprietary battery for the 8X system has passed the mandatory UN38.3 safety test required by IATA which means it is certified for air transport. The capacity of the battery is also below the maximum allowed 100Wh rating. Additional peace of mind is delivered by the integrated protection circuit that protects against harmful conditions such as over-discharge, deep discharge, over-current or a short circuit.

Intelligent Information Display

Integrated into the battery and easily viewable during use through the transparent rear cap of the light is both a visual battery level indicator with each bar representing 10% and a runtime countdown which shows the time remaining at the current power level. When connected to the charger the display shows the charge time remaining and battery charge level.

Luminous Flux max. Candlepower max. Burntime max. max. el. power
18'000 lm 7'700 cd 35 minutes 145 W


Luminous Flux min. Candlepower min. Burntime min. min. el. power
220 lm 100 cd 1400 minutes 4 W


Beam angle Color Charge time Battery capacity
110° (in water), 120° (in air) Ambient 6m Blue 3-4 hours 99 Wh 14.4V

Diameter (Head) Length Dry weight Wet weight
7 cm 23.5 cm 0.90 kg 0.33 kg

Maximum Depth