Video 8M Modular Video Lights

The Video 8M se­ries is the only pro­fes­sio­n­al video light de­signed with a mo­d­u­lar phi­lo­so­phy. It al­lows the cam­era op­er­a­tor the abil­i­ty to cus­tomize un­der­wa­ter light­ing for their style of shoot­ing. It is op­ti­mized to pro­duce the high­est qual­i­ty light with very high bright­ness and a smooth wide beam. The com­pact form fac­tor and light weight are es­sen­tial for trav­el.      

Product Specifications: 

  • Variable power with 5 power settings
  • 90° cov­er­age with smooth fall off even when immersed in water
  • Speck­le free, soft beam pat­tern
  • Weight 1.1kg, 0.14kg in water
  • Rated to 200 meters
  • 97 Wh recharge­able Li-Ion bat­tery ­pack
  • Mo­d­u­lar de­sign with exchangeable LED Modules and exchangeable reflectors

Video 8M CRI

Item No. 774

Very powerful, small and lightweight, 8'000 lumen LED video light with excellent color rendering

  • Excellent color rendering index, typ. CRI 96 (Ra)
  • 28-105 watt LED power
  • 8'000 lumens, 5'600 kelvins
  • Burntime 45-170 minutes

Video 8M FLUX

Item No. 775

Extremely powerful, small and lightweight, 9'000 lumen LED video light 

  • 9'000 lumens, 5'000 kelvins
  • 28-105 watt LED power
  • Burntime 45-170 minutes
  • Color rendering index typ. CRI 82 (Ra)