KELDAN Filter Concept

The Keldan filter concept uses a red Spectrum Filter for the camera and a blue Ambient Light Filter for the video lights to achieve natural colors when shooting underwater. 

The Keldan Spectrum Filter is design to be used with the camera and converts the blue ambient light to white light. The filter characteristics are carefully adjusted not only to balance the RGB color channels but also to correct for a very smooth spectrum with excellent color rendering capabilities.

The Keldan Ambient Light Filter converts the white light of the video light to a blue light which is matching exactly the spectrum of the ambient light.

This approach avoids mixed light conditions and artificial lighting can be used along with ambient light.

Spectrum Filters

KELDAN Spectrum Filters are scientifically engineered red filters based on spectral measurements of the lighting conditions underwater. KELDAN Spectrum Filters convert the ambient light into a daylight spectrum in order to restore correct colors and to optimise white balancing.

Ambient Light Filters

The KELDAN Ambient Light Filter converts the light into the same spectrum as the ambient light under water.  This is the perfect solution to avoid mixed light condition when you white balance the camera to ambient light.

KELDAN Ambient Light Filters are available for the Video 4X and Video 8X series lights in three different grades, each one optimised for a specific depth range.