NEW Spectrum and Ambient filters.

After a significant amount of R&D work KELDAN is proud to release a set of completely revised Spectrum and Ambient filters with much improved color rendering and very precise color coordinates.

Our R&D work included measurements of the underwater light spectrum at many popular dives spots all over the world but also extreme water conditions like the crystal clear water of the Silfra crack on Iceland or green coastal water. Based on this measurements we performed countless computer simulations in order to design filters with optimal characteristics for the underwater photography.

The new range of Spectrum filters includes: 

  • Threaded glass filters with the size 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 and 82mm
  • Filters for the Nauticam WWL-1 wetlens
  • Flexible film filters for rear side mount
  • Color rendering >90 CRI
  • Two different grades available with  -2 stops and -4 stops attenuation
  • -4 stops version available in two versions for blue and green water 

The new range of Ambient filters includes:

  • Avaliable for blue, blue-green and green water
  • For each water color we offer two grades with best matching depths of 6m and 12m respectively.
  • Avaliable for Video 8X and Video 4X lights 

The KELDAN Spectrum and Ambient filters are the ultimate solution for a professional color management!

May, 2019

Keldan has released an update of the popular LUNA 4 video light with a stunning 5'000 lumen output. The color temperature of 5'000K exactly matches daylight. With a dry weight of only 0.7 kg., the LUNA 4 is extremely small and perfect for divers who are traveling frequently. As with all KELDAN lights, the battery pack is exchangeable, thus allowing quick battery exchange on a boat within a few seconds. The power can be adjusted to 5 levels from 14 watts to 55 watts, resulting in a burntime of  50 minutes on maximum power and 200 minutes on low power.

Brügg, March 25, 2014